Conference Mathematics in Technical and Natural SciencesConference Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences

The 15th Conference “Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences” will be held from 17th to 22nd September, 2017 in Kościelisko, a suburb of Zakopane, the well-known Polish mountain resort. The Conference will take place in the Marymont Hotel, located near the entrance to the Kościeliska Valley.

Conference topics include achievements in mathematics related to technical and natural sciences, new ideas, and solutions inspired by the needs of other disciplines.

The scope of the conference involves, but is not limited to:
- symmetry, integrability, and their applications,
- mathematical and physical aspects of non-Hermitian operators,
- models of transport phenomema, travelling waves’ stability and asymptotics,
- problems of mathematical biology,
- numerical methods and simulation of natural processes.

Agenda of the 15th Conference
“Mathematics in Technical and Natural Sciences”

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